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More Oscar stuff, etc. - "I don't think there's one word that can describe a life."
A toast, Jedediah: to Love on my own terms.
More Oscar stuff, etc.
First the boring life stuff - my neck is much better but my knees are getting worse by the day. I even woke up this morning because my knees were killing me and I was laying in bed for chrissake. I would rather not have to live on ibuprofen or anything to quell the pain. I'm just irked because whenever I walk I look like I'm about 110 years old and I'm in excruciating pain. I'm going to give it a little more time, but I may have to see the doctor soon.

Work is obnoxious. While I'm getting some really great, meaty projects I find that I've got so much on my plate I'm working my ass off but not even getting anything done because more and more things pop up. The big website project I'm heading up is due to launch in less than two weeks and I have an obscene amount of work to do on it. Not to mention the fact that I'm scheduled for several days to train at various organizations/agencies/synagogues for those who didn't make the community-wide training next week. Ugh. It's going to be nice when it all smooths over but I don't see that happening for about 6 months at least. Meanwhile I come home and practically fall over on the couch I'm so worn out, and that's after I have to get over the guilt from not having the energy to prepare a meal for Chris and I. Double ugh.

Which is why I should be sitting here typing a stupid LJ entry instead of doing some work, right? Heh.

Okay, Oscar stuff. We're heading into the home stretch and we still have a lot of movies to see, unfortunately. Two weeks ago Chris and I went back to that wonderful Sundance theater in Madison and saw Michael Clayton (I'd already seen it, but it was just as good the second time) and Persepolis, which I absolutely loved. It was SO good. I wouldn't be surprised if it made my top 10 list of 2008. (Plug: Top ten list for 2007 - two months late, is coming in the next week.) I actually would love to watch it again, but I think I'll have to wait until it comes on video because I just don't have time. Great, great movie. We also went to another theater and saw The Savages, which was also really good. The acting was superb. I don't think I could recommend it to some people though because it really is a difficult subject. I would have loved to steer my parents toward it, but my stepmom's dad has dementia and it just would not be an easy pill to swallow. I thought it was really good, though. I also watched Sicko that weekend on DVD I think. The time just all kind of flows lately. I thought it was better than I thought it would be but it doesn't compare to War/Dance.

Then last weekend we saw the Oscar-nominated animated shorts which were pretty crappy for the most part. I Met the Walrus, an animated treatment of a short tape-recorded interview with John Lennon in 1969 (I think) was the best by far, and there were two that were "meh...okay", but nothing really compared to last year's winner, "The Danish Poet" which I simply adored. So that was kind of disappointing. But then Chris, Jay and I went over to the Westgate Art Cinema and saw Citizen Kane, my absolute favorite movie of all time, and though I've probably seen it a few dozen times, it was my first time seeing it on the big screen. No matter how often I see that movie I am completely carried away by its greatness, and I honestly feel like I'm looking at it through fresh eyes. Sunday Chris and I watched Away From Her and La Vie en Rose. Away From Her was an okay movie, and I really connected with the husband character; he really broke my heart. Julie Christie was good, indeed. But unfortunately alzheimer's isn't as pretty as Julie Christie, so while it was a well-crafted film, I couldn't get into it too much as a whole. La Vie en Rose was also just kind of okay, but it was really enhanced by Marion Cotillard's performance. I haven't seen Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age yet, but at this point, give Cotillard the Oscar. She was unreal, and turned an otherwise average movie into something better and more compelling than it maybe should have been.

So that leaves a lot of movies to see, unfortunately. In our possession, Chris and I have Eastern Promises, No End in Sight, Ratatouille, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (which I've seen), The Bourne Ultimatum and Gone Baby Gone. We're getting Surf's Up and Elizabeth: The Golden Age tomorrow. Plus, we're seeing the Oscar live-action shorts on Friday night, Jay and I are going to see The Man Who Knew Too Much at the Times in the afternoon on Saturday, and we have an opportunity to see Sweeney Todd as well. That's 10 Oscar movies all together in like, 5 days...lol. I wish I could take some vacation time right about now...heh. I guess if we watch a movie tonight, one or two tomorrow....okay, we're still screwed.

We're going to have a nice little Oscar shindig though - chips & salsa, chips & dip, cheese & crackers, garlic bread (Jay's request...) slow-roasted roast beef and gravy sammiches on good, crusty rolls, homemade cookies (if I'm ambitious enough) and Chris' request, pizza rolls...lol Hey, not a healthy thing in the bunch but meh. It should be fun.

Is it seriously only 3:04 pm? I don't think I can stand being here another two hours. And the person who sits in the office next to me sucks her teeth like some kind of neanderthal - no amount of music is going to cover that up.

I guess I better get back to it. Maybe if I really dig in it will go quickly. I really could use a cigarette though - I haven't had time to have one all day and now it's too late because the fascists I work for don't allow breaks. Seriously. You would think I work in a sweatshop - worse, it's non-profit.

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